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I heard Hyeri was tone/rhythm deaf, which is different than being Deaf. Do you have any sources, cause I got that off a blog and would really like to know :)

I never said she was deaf ;; I can’t remember what ep but she said it on kira kira slim! There are 25 eps so I’m not really abt to go watch all of them OTL Well, I guess you could say it was subbed that she said beat deaf ^^; She had this book where she wrote down:

  • 1 2 3 4
  • 1 - 3 -
  • - 2 - 4
  • 1 - - 4

And then take a song and count it out like that \o/ it was really cute ;; She was definitely tone deaf, but it looks like she’s worked hard ;w; my mom used to be tone deaf, she can sing beautifully now~ She can’t harmonize though lol~

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does 20 mean ur 20 yrs old?

Yup ouo ‘94 liner with Hyeri~

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hello~ do you know if anyone has or will sub girls day on star gazing?? also do you know any gsd subbing teams please and thank you :o)

Yes! \o/ Right here~!

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Leave it to Yura to reveal her members

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darlingsica replied to your post: datmerve said:2 6 11 c:Since I al…

ohhh you listen to flower omg they’re so good!

There are!! Only a bit though ;w; Also E-Girls and Happiness too~ \o/

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2 6 11 c:

Since I already did the first too ;w; how about what I’m listening to right now?

I think its called Sunflower and Sun, and it’s by Flower \o/

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6 + 9 n_n

6) Screenshot your followers

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2 & 7 c:

2) Screenshot your follower count

Ayyyyye ;w; Aiyo

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1) Screenshot your desktop

This is actually kind of embarrassing omf, it’s a picspam of Yuhye /coughs;

8) Screenshot your favorite blog

I don’t really have a favorite blog, there are many that I like ^u^

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1) Screenshot your desktop
2) Screenshot your follower count
3) Screenshot your blog
4) Screenshot your post count
5) Screenshot your liked count
6) Screenshot your followers
7) Screenshot your dash
8) Screenshot your favorite blog
9) Screenshot your message count
10) Screenshot your saved url's
11) Screenshot [insert whatever]
Artist: 블락비 (Block B)
Album: HER
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